Brexit fallout and the future of Scottish education

I’ve not posted anything about Brexit as I’ve nothing to add to the wall-to-wall coverage of this ‘interesting’ situation. I’d become disillusioned with politics some time before the vote to leave Europe, mainly due to politicians (including ones I voted for) and their self serving nature. And nothing has happened over the last few months to change this view. However this week someone mentioned something, that could happen in Scotland as an indirect result of Brexit, that stopped me in my tracks.

Scottish Education – Proudly independent from England

Some people reading this might not be aware that education in Scotland is a completely devolved issue. This means there is a different approach to running and administering schools, the curriculum and the inspection system. But recently Theresa May gave a speech suggesting that everyone in the U.K. deserves a good education, and she name checked a few cities, including Dundee. The friend who pointed this out, with an active interest in politics, said it might be the first sign of a Tory government plan to take back control of devolved issues, including education. This might seem dangerous as many of those involved in education in Scotland are proud of the system. Recently the SNP have been under pressure on this topic with poor performance in international league tables and unpopular policies such as reintroduction of primary testing. So the Tories may be pushing at an open door on this subject.

Will Education in Scotland become a political football?

Returning the point about self serving politicians, this is something the Tory party excel at, and they also like to drive home any advantage they have. So this desire to reclaim powers, including education, might be more about winning the battle for Britain, post Brexit, and preserve all the associated power and privileges. It is a fairly low risk strategy too, as there isn’t much for the Tories to lose in Scotland, but plenty to gain. With no real Westminster opposition right now the SNP are the main threat and it could be that Theresa May has just blown the whistle kicking off an almighty game of political football, with education sitting in the centre circle. If so this could be a rather unpleasant game, with a less than entertaining outcome.


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